Client Feedback

Written in their own words, below are unedited comments from recent clients who generously agreed to share their experiences of working with me as their therapist:

“I would refer people to Ms. McManus because of her genuine care and compassion in the spirit of wanting to help. She has given a ton of wonderful resources to assist me with my healing process. In each counseling session I felt her sincerity in wanting the best for me and my life and her commitment to help me get there. This woman has been an advocate for me and that help has trickled down to my family. We are thankful to have found such viable support!”    L.A.

“I sought counseling through my EAP at work and they thought I would benefit from this therapist that does EMDR. I was nervous my initial appointment 4 years ago because this was the first time I was dedicating myself to get mentally healthy and I was willing to try anything to cope with what I was/had been facing. From day one Alynn made me feel very comfortable and would not push me if I was not ready to talk. We had several visits using her EMDR technique and through these sessions I was finally able to set myself free of the guilt I felt from a very traumatic situation I had been faced with and dealing with the past 18 years of my life. It was the best feeling! She did this by ‘re-training’ my thought process. I continue to see Alynn, sometimes not using the EMDR technique and my life has changed so much! I can walk around with a smile on my face and actually own it! I am very grateful to Alynn and I would refer anyone to her as I am a perfect example she does amazing work!”     J.S.

“I sought help through an EAP and had a special set of criteria. I needed someone who had lots of experience with victims of sexual and alcohol abuse. Of the 3 people I spoke to, I felt an immediate connection to you. Your words and tone of voice put me at ease, which was a feeling I hadn’t had in a long time. I went with my instinct and it was exactly what I needed.  Throughout the course of all of our sessions, I always felt supported, even when you played devil’s advocate, it was with genuine desire to help. I never felt apprehensive before our meetings and each session I always felt as though I had figured out a little more of the puzzle.  When I began seeing you, I had no idea why I felt so heavy. I had no idea why I was so self destructive, I only knew I wanted to stop sabotaging myself. Every time we met, I felt a little of that weight and fog lift. Though I seemed to have one obstacle after another come down the pike, I was able to learn to handle them with humility, dignity and grace. I have a feeling those abilities were there all along, but I needed help uncovering them, and that was by far the most valuable aspect of my work with you.” L.T.

Alynn, to me, is a real relationship expert. She knows the true nature and life course of intimate relationships in and out. I began seeing her first with my partner and then I started seeing her on my own as well. She has helped me to craft more realistic expectations for relationships that have allowed me to have more joy and security in my primary relationship. In individual therapy she is assisting me in dealing with accepting life on life’s terms and in coping with the pain of infertility. She is so empathetic and I always feel that her thoughts are formed based on an accurate, informed interpretation of psychological research.”   J.S.

“I like the way in which you really connect with my feeling and the way you play the movies, which lets me slow down my thoughts and see what the problem is, which allows me to face the problem.     D.G.

“I started seeing Alynn as a teenager for family therapy. When I needed a therapist a couple of years ago, I remembered how comfortable I felt with her, so I looked her up. She has helped me with some very difficult issues, especially trauma. Her skills as a therapist and her dedication to her patients shine through at every session.  Alynn is not a typical therapist. She does not “treat disorders.” She helps real people who are in a lot of pain. I am starting to understand what it feels like to feel free. I fight to hold to a heavy burden, then I learn to recognize that I am suffering unnecessarily by doing that, and finally I am able to release it. When that happens, I am closer to uncovering my true nature of being. That is what Alynn does: She helps me to help me.  I have now developed my own skills to use and I have a lot more confidence in myself. I cannot thank her enough”.    J.W.

“Another therapist recommended Alynn for EMDR therapy in order to alleviate the intense responses I was having to my son based on my own childhood traumas. Since working with Alynn, those traumatic responses have ceased and I have grown comfortable in my role as a parent. I have gained confidence where I had none. Alynn has also helped me cope with chronic illness and pain. Without her help, my stress levels would be much higher.”    P.G.

“I cannot express how wonderful a therapist Alynn is. She has shown me that the tools I need to live a happy, successful and content life have always been with me and can never be destroyed. Using EMDR she has guided me through traumas past and present giving me the ability to heal my emotional wounds. She really listens to you and will never judge. She “gets it”, even when you don’t and she will patiently and lovingly guide you in your path until all of a sudden you “get it”. If you are looking for a therapist I would highly recommend Alynn. She has truly changed my life.” C.S.

“I had seen 2 different Therapists prior to meeting Alynn. I did not connect with either one of so I stopped seeking help. Many years later, my dear sweet niece referred me to Alynn. The first meeting I had with Alynn felt like my heart and soul were slowly coming out of a coma.  Since you are on Alynn’s website, I would guess you either are searching help for yourself or for someone dear to you. You do not have to search anymore because Alynn McManus is one of a kind. Her dedication, committment, compassion and extensive background in her field is truly amazing. I would not be “alive” had I not met Alynn over 2 years ago. She truly defrosted my heart and my soul and continues to help me in so many ways I never thought possible.”    L.S.

“Alynn has an approach that is as empowering as it is healing. Her gentle direction has guided me to find answers that other therapists have left me searching for. Her use of EMDR as a healing tool has impacted my life in ways I never thought possible. I have been able to heal old wounds without having to revisit the pain, or the frightening memories of my trauma. Alynn has a unique style that holds me accountable for my healing, yet at the same it is very clear that I am not alone, that she is walking next to me on my journey. A huge THANK YOU Alynn! You have helped me to reconnect to my life, and for that I am very grateful.”    B.S.

“My work with Alynn has without a doubt benefited me more than any other therapy work I have done. Alynn has a great balance of genuine caring and wisdom. Alynn is the first therapist that i learned to fully trust and to be able to share anything with, including comments about our session interactions. She demonstrated the care and strength to be able to handle whatever I shared, and she always made me feel validated when I opened up. She helped me to see the goodness in myself and taught me, through her inner strength, how to stand up for myself. I am extremely grateful for finding Alynn, and would recommend her to anyone.”    M.S.

“I found Alynn through EAP services at a very difficult time in my life and career. It was easy to establish a trusting relationship with Alynn. She was able to offer support in a variety of ways (emdr, phone calls, emails,,,etc) that really worked for me. I consider the work we have completed as grounding, practical and just what I needed at this point in my life. I would highly recommend Alynn as a therapist.”      K. H.