My Approach and Training

After more than 25 years in the field of mental health as a direct practice clinical social worker and psychotherapist, I have focused my specialty and training on working with how trauma manifests on our lives as adults.  This includes trauma with a “Big T” (childhood trauma, loss, sexual trauma, physical, emotional and mental trauma) as well as “small t” trauma (everyday life events like work stress, relationship stress, car accidents, fear of flying, etc…).

I am trained and certified in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) as a treatment tool, but I am very flexible and use the approach that works best for you as we talk.  It is important for me to listen to you and understand your goals in our initial meeting.  I will do my best to give you a sense of what I can offer to you in our initial meeting in the form of a “game plan”.

Therapist and author Stephen Cope states:  “Awareness itself is self-regulating.”  Our very presence with ourselves is a powerful agent for change;  To that end, I am quite rooted in ideas that surround Mindfulness oriented psychotherapy and the research supported ideas that the brain is “elastic”; that is, with practice, change can occur at the cellular level within our governing organ.

As author and researcher Brene Brown is quoted:  “If you own this story, you get to write the ending.”   I am confident our work together can help you own your story, and set you firmly on the path of healing and wholeness. 
I look forward to talking to you.